Christmas Gift For You

Here's the skinny: Over the course of late 2019 and early 2020, I was working on a "Consulting Business A-Z" to serve as a final capstone to my coaching business, and move what I do here towards retirement, as I focus on a non-im market . . .

Then Covid hit, and I felt like my time was better spent helping folks emerge and battle the effect of Covid on their business and their revenue, and so it's interesting that for most of 2020, I've done a COMPLETE re-teach of just about every actionable coaching and consultant topic!

Anyhow, these trainings were put on a back burner, I could write a strong sales letter and make this into a standalone $2000 program . . . but honestly, I was working on these Saturday, and once I saw how powerful and complete this was, and how it really fits into what many clients need going into 2021, I've decided to give this to you at no charge, as a Christmas gift.

But please please don't treat this as "free training" or you won't get as much out of it.

I could put a $2000 price tag on what's on this page and feel good about it (and in the future if you come back to this page and this message is missing, some clients might be investing $2000 to be here)

So . . Merry Christmas, enjoy this training, and I hope to see you into a very prosperous 2021!