Your Contribution to the Solution

Your Contribution to the Solution When you contribute to the solution, you: Add to the total good in society You do what Jesus would have done In changing others’ lives, you change yours! This video goes deep!

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Providing for Your Future During Famine

The Bible gives examples of providing for your future during famine. I believe there is a distinct possibility (not surety, but possibility) of an economic famine coming up . . . but there’s time to prepare. I’m held an emergency faith based call today where I gave insight based on the Word of God about…

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Now is the Time to Set Up and Provide For Your Future

Fresh today: I taught a Faith – Based message that will push you to your core to take the next few months and set up your financial future! Now is the Time to Step into Your Future Enjoy, please share if you know someone this could impact . . . I believe this message can…

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