Yes, Sean, I want to invest and join the 21 Day God-Powered Success Kickstart!

Here's what we'll do together:

Starting Monday

and for 21 days

I’m going to pour my heart out

I’m going to share with you my revelations of His blessing and infiniteness and how you can attach to that

I’m going to share with you the actual steps I personally take when talking with God

Here’s a working “outline” of what we’ll start with:

--> Understand the foundation of blessing and success from God’s vantage point

--> Discover the Godly Formula for success

--> Develop or Tap Into Your God-Sized Dream, Vision, Future and Purpose

--> Make a Decision to Achieve That Dream/Vision/Future/Purpose then follow proven success principles:

God’s steps to success

Daily Guidance From Him

Implementing Giving in Your Business

Push things to Victory with His Power, His Strength, His Wisdom, His Guidance

And much, much more . . .

This will be power-packed

Dynamicly change as He leads me

In short, I’m going to share with you the formula I personally follow with God in my own business implementation . . .

Let’s do this!


This is going to be powerful, mostly print (supported by video or audio as needed)

You can invest any amount to join the class, when you invest more it allows me to help folks who can only contribute less!

Godly Prosperity

21 Day God-Powered Success

Friend, thanks for choosing to go on this journey with me, this is going to be AWESOME!